Sleepers & Garden Edging

Railway Sleepers

Reclaimed railway sleepers provide a rustic feel to your landscaping projects, available in a range of grades to add a ‘pre-loved charm’ to your project. Individual sleepers will vary in condition depending on grade,

B Grade are the most rustic due to extreme wear and longer life on the railway. Each sleeper with have its own unique features and may include rounded corners or edges and some splitting. Perfect for decorative features in the garden.

A Grade are in better, less worn condition than B grade, and are a great for garden edging to provide a rugged country look.

Premium Grade are the best quality, with less irregularities than lower grades. If you are looking for a solid, regular finish for a retaining wall these sleepers are for you.

Size (mm)Length (m)
220 x 1202.4 (exact size may vary due to wear)

Treated Pine Sleepers

Treated Pine Sleepers give any landscaped area a classic finish with clean lines that define a professional touch to complete your outdoor space at a great price. Sleepers can be used in many different applications including, retaining walls, to garden beds, vegetable gardens, garden dividers, and driveways. Suitable for general landscaping projects and are H4 preservative treated for above and in-ground use.

Sizes (mm)Lengths (m)
150 x 502.43.0
150 x 752.43.0
150 x 1002.43.0
200 x 502.43.0
200 x 752.43.0
200 x 1002.43.0

Hardwood Sleepers

Hardwood sleepers are a mixed species hardwood, providing a solid & durable solution for your garden & landscaping projects. Left untreated, you’ll enjoy a natural weathered finish, or treat with an oil or stain to achieve your desired look.

Size (mm)Length (m)
200 x 502.43.0
200 x 752.4 3.03.6
200 x 1002.4 3.0

Treated Pine Round Logs

Round treated pine logs are perfect for a neat & trim effect in fencing, garden surrounds and for constructions like retaining walls.

Size (mm)Length (m)