Flooring Adhesives

Soudabond Subfloor – Collapsible Adhesive Gel

Soudabond Subfloor is a ready-to-use, single component, high strength, fast curing polyurethane adhesive that collapses to a gel immediately after dispensing. It is used for clean, efficient and economical permanent subfloor bonding in building and construction. Soudabond Subfloor does not contain CFC’s or HCFC’s.

  • One can of Soudabond Subfloor replaces at least 12 cartridges of construction adhesive
  • Saves headaches from squeaky floor call backs
  • Saves application time by 75%
  • Save money over the use of traditional adhesives
  • Excellent initial bond, even at low temperatures
  • Substantial space and weight savings compared to traditional adhesives
  • Limited post expansion for fast and precise installation of subfloors
  • Does not age or rot, mold and mildew resistant
  • Water resistant
  • 100% solvent-free
  • Adheres to wet or frozen timber
  • Tested according to ASTM E 84 and ASTM D3498

Soudal SMX®-20 Plus

SMX-20 PLUS is a universal timber flooring adhesive based upon SMX® hybrid polymers. Suitable for indoor bonding of engineered boards, ready to use timber and solid wood. SMX-20 PLUS contains no water or solvents, minimising the risk of deforming the parquet to a minimum. Once fully cured (approx. 24 hrs) an elastic and non-shrinkable adhesive layer is formed, which is resistant to moisture and heat

Features & Benefits

  • Fast curing
  • Walk on after 8 hr, sand after 24 hrs
  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • Remains permanently elastic
  • Free of isocyanates, solvents & water

Available as:

  • 600ml sausage
  • 18kg tub (3 x 6kg tubs)

Gun & Foam Cleaner

  • Ready to use cleaning aerosol can for use in conjunction with Soudafoam Gun and the foam applicator as cleaning fluid
  • Contains solvents
  • Can be used with normal foam cans due to the attachable nozzle
  • Cleaning of the valves of the PU Foam Aerosol
  • Removal of uncured foam
  • 500 mL aerosol

Source credit: Soudal