Fibre Cement Facades

Cladding provides an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both new and old buildings. Suitable for traditional, modern or uniquely designed residential or commercial project. Cladding can act as a thermal insulator, can reflect noise and is cost effective, providing a durable external finish that will protect your investments for generations to come.

DIY Timbers are your local supplier of BGC Fibre Cement Cladding, providing you with a range of cladding profiles to suit your requirements. Check out the brochures for information on available colours and styles for each product or drop in and check out our BGC display at the store!

BGC cladding can be used in the same or similar applications to other brands of cladding. Check out our comparison chart below or give our sales team a call on 4421 7922 for further details.

BGC Montage

Montage™ is a versatile fibre cement facade system that can be used both externally and internally. It’s pre-formed, pre-finished and non-combustible, making it a durable, safe and aesthetic addition to your project. With a colour palette carefully considered to be blended or contrasted, you’ll have an array of options to play with. The deep form embossed into the panels also creates a striking effect, making your project stand out from the streetscape.

  • 4 finishes available – Concrete, Slimline Tile, Stackstone and Woodgrain
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Perfect for internal or external installation
  • Pre-finished using a multiple coat finishing system
  • Fully sealed panels that are weather resistant and won’t rot or burn

BGC Nuline™ Plus

BGC Nuline™ Plus is a weatherboard-style cladding system perfect for achieving a seductive and modern look. With a style that echoes real timber, Nuline™ Plus is the natural evolution of the ever-popular Nuline™ weatherboard. The Nuline™ Plus tongue-&-groove fitting will deliver seamlessly consistent joins throughout your project. With its slight bevel on the rear of the plank allowing a 25mm bearing face on the stud, you’ll find fixing and nailing exceptionally easy.

  • Extend your options with 2 different profiles: square & bullnose
  • Factory sealed, ready for painting
  • Quick, simple installation: Manual nailing, gun nailing or screw fixing
  • Highly durable: No rot or decay
  • Achieves BAL40 as required in AS3959:2009 construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas

BGC Duragrid™ Residential

BGC Duragrid™ is the top choice fibre cement for houses. Extremely robust and hardwearing, Duragrid™ Residential will give any building an excitingly modern sheen. With its smooth, flat surface, a square-edge finish simply made for expressed jointing and panels that won’t rot, burn or corrode, Duragrid™ Residential enables easy decoration in an exciting variety of design finishes.

  • Lightweight, modern and highly durable
  • Perfect for a range of finishes – from painted to textured coatings
  • Unaffected by termites, air, steam, salt or sunlight
  • Quick, simple screw or nail fix installation
  • Available with hardwood timber battens for residential installations

BGC Durascape™

BGC Durascape™ is excellent for covering large areas of facade and external cladding. A 9mm-thick base sheet, Durascape’s™ 5mm wide shiplap joint gives the sheet a subtle vertical shadow line. To create an appealingly ‘rendered’ look, try finishing Durascape™ onsite with a roll-on textured paint.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Ideal for single-storey and medium height installations where you want large panels
  • Quick installation – no need for taped and filled joints
  • Panels unaffected by termites, air, steam, salt and sunlight
  • Can be finished in a range of decorative coatings

BGC Duragroove™

For up to the minute exteriors or interiors, choose BGC Duragroove™ cladding. A peerlessly adaptable, vertically-grooved panel available in different profiles and spacing, Duragroove™ has a shiplap join to ease and speed up your installation. Specify Duragroove™ for single-storey and medium-height projects. Duragroove™ comes in four variants: smooth wide (150mm); smooth extra wide (400mm): smooth narrow (100mm); and woodgrain wide (150mm).

  • Vertical grooves – excitingly contemporary alternative to traditional weatherboard
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Factory sealed panels aid paint application
  • Quick to install – no need for taped and filled joints
  • Panels resistant to termites, air, steam, salt and sunlight

BGC Stratum™

BGC Stratum™ is among the best-selling products in the Innova range. Choose one profile as a standalone, or mix-‘n’-match to create an eye-catching and original exterior cladding system. Stratum™ 300mm is a wide plank with a 16mm horizontal joint; Stratum™ Duo 300mm is a wide plank with a 16mm centre groove and the look of two slimmer planks; Stratum™ Trio is a wide plank with two 16mm grooves; Stratum™ Contour 170mm is a slimmer plank with a 2mm indentation at the top.

  • Shiplap joining system makes Stratum planks quick and simple to install
  • Quick and easy to cut, handle and install
  • Acrylic sealed, ready for painting
  • Durable and low maintenance

BGC Stonesheet™ Stone Tile Substrate

BGC Stonesheet™ is your #1 choice for stone wall substrate and for true masonry on timber or steel-framed buildings. A flat, square-edged sheet, Stonesheet™ comes as 9mm-thick panels. Designed specially as a substrate for both residential interior and exterior applications, Stonesheet™ is an excellent alternative where other non-specifically designed substrates have been used.

  • Exterior and interior stone and tile facades
  • Non structural substrate
  • Classified type A Category 3 for exterior use
  • Will take a maximum stone facade weight of 40kg/m2 when installed as per specification

“CLADDING ~ A few people have asked us lately which cladding we use on all our jobs. The answer is BGC through DIY Timbers for all our exterior and interior cladding needs. Their boards are quality and easy to work with, they are very cost effective and the company’s customer service is excellent! Win Win”

Harlor Building
Source credit: BGC Innova