Hardwood Decking

A hardwood timber deck provides a timeless and attractive way to enhance the home, garden, commercial or retail property. Timber decking is aesthetically pleasing, creating a comfortable and versatile feature that can add value to most landscaping situations.

DIY Timbers are your local supplier of Boral Hardwood Decking. We stock an extensive range of hardwood decking in a range of sizes.

Samples available in store. Call our friendly sales team for further information.


A commonly grown hardwood that has attractive colouring from cream to pale brown and an occasional tinge of subtle pink.


This mix of Red & Grey Ironbark provides a stunning array of timber hues from pale brown to dark chocolate brown as well as dark red. The grain is usually interlocked, with a moderately coarse surface texture.


The grain of merbau can vary but it is usually interlocked or wavy, with a coarse but even texture. The attractive yellow-orange brown hue of freshly cut heartwood deepens or reddens with ageing.

Royal Reds

Royal reds is a Dura 1 red species mix, including Turpentine (pictured), Bloodwood & Red Mahogany. From pale to dark reddish brown through to deep chocolate browns.

Spotted Gum

A soft mottled colour that varies from pale grey browns and soft creams to rich chocolate brown.

Other species that may be available upon request:

  • Blue Gum
  • Mixed Reds
  • Red Mahogany
  • Stringybark
  • Tallowwood
Source credit: Boral