DSD Hardwood Screw (Collated & Loose)

Available Size (mm) / Qty

12G x 50 / 250
12G x 50 / 1100
12G x 50 / 1000 Collated


The DSD hardwood decking screw has been developed to install without the need to pre‑drill boards. With toughened 316 stainless steel and coarse threads, it will fasten most species of hardwood. A clean cutting head with a great look, rounds off the Ultimate Decking Screw.

  • Carbon Steel, Quik Guard® Coating
  • 316 Stainless Steel
Features & Benefits
  • Low torque design for fast and easy driving.
  • Broad head with nibs provides a greater clamping force and allows for a cleaner decorative finish.
  • T25 and T30 6 Lobe recess provides a positive drive system, and attractive finish.
  • A large countersunk head that holds the board firm, with nibs to help it embed cleanly and look aesthetically pleasing.
  • A knurl or nib on the shank to allow for a clearance hole as the screw is installed, reducing driving torque and improving clamping force.
  • For corrosion as well as ductility to allow hardwood timbers to move as they expand and contract. Class 3 carbon steel is also available where stainless is not required.
  • A drill point that will cut through the toughest of Hardwood timber with little chance of splitting, saving significant time for the builder.
  • For timber and hardwood decking to timber joist
  • This screw is available loose for hand-drive and collated for Quik Drive® systems
Source credit: Simpson Strong-Tie 

Additional information

Size (mm) / Qty

12G x 50 / 250
12G x 50 / 1100
12G x 50 / 1000 Collated

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