Vuetrade: Post Support Bolts

Concealed Thread, T50 Drive Head Bolt with a Neat Finish, Specifically for Post Supports

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Designed specifically by VUETRADE for post supports, the VUEBOLT provides a quick, neat and concealed finish. With the unique feature of being a male and female bolt, the fixing is totally concealed leaving a neat bolt head on both sides of the post support. It’s also quick and easy to install with T50 drive heads on both bolts.

  • Design patent pending
  • Easily installed – T50 drive head
  • Set of male and female bolts
  • Concealed thread
  • T50 Drive Head finish on both sides of the post
  • Strong, durable installation
  • Available in Zinc-Nickel and Stainless Steel
  • To suit post sizes from 90mm to 230mm

Alternative for:

  • Cup Head Bolts
  • Hex Head Bolts
  • Coach Bolts
  • StarDrive Bolts


Source credit: Vuetrade

Additional information

SKU / Size (mm)

VUEBOLT90110 / 90-110
VUEBOLT110150 / 110-150
VUEBOLT90110SS / 90-110
VUEBOLT110150SS / 110-150