Bremick: MultiONE T25 Contour Head Screw

MultiONE® Contour Head Torx Drive 25 B8®

Available size (mm)

10G x 30
10G x 40
10G x 50

SKU: SVWSTU8100302S SVWSTU8100402S SVWSTU8100502S SVWSTU8100502T Categories: , ,


The MultiONE Screw by Bremick

The ultimate fastening solution for any job site application & project.

Use the MultiONE® to fasten into Softwood, Hardwood, Treated Timbers, Composite boards, Laminated Boards, Brick*, Block*, Concrete* & various metals.

Source credit: Bremick 

Additional information

SKU / Size (mm) / Qty

SVWSTU8100302S / 10G x 30mm / 40
SVWSTU8100402S / 10G x 40mm / 35
SVWSTU8100502S / 10G x 50mm / 25
SVWSTU8100502T / 10G x 50mm / 100

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