Simpson: SDWS Timber Screw

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The SDWS is the advanced alternative to bolting timber, or batten and coach screws, being 30% faster and 10% stronger than an equivalent batten screw. Designed to be versatile the SDWS is recognised as a solution for timber connections and is backed by testing and load data.


Carbon Steel


Double Barrier Coating — Suitable for interior, treated timber and external applications

Features & Benefits
  • 6-lobe T-40 drive eliminates cam outs, for easier installations and longer bit life — bit(s) included
  • Head stamped for easy identification of length and diameter, for building certification
  • Large Washer Head provides superior clamping, while nibs offer greater control for the installer when seating the head
  • Bold Threads design provides superior holding power, even into the end grain of timber
  • Patented SawTooth™ Point for faster starts, less torque and no pre-drilling
  • Outdoor Structures
  • Deck Frames and Ledgers
  • Landscaping
  • Structural Timber Framing — It replaces strapping, which means, no interference with wall cladding
  • Lintel Screw, Coach Screw, Lag Screw, Landscape Screw, Structural Screw, Ledger Screw, Retaining Wall Screw, Boundary Joist Screw, Deck Post Screw
Source credit: Simpson Strong-Tie 

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Size (mm) / Qty

127 / 50
127 / 600
152 / 50
152 / 500

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