Simpson: Avant Collection – SAE Face Fix Joist Hanger & Connector Screw

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Post Base
Joist Hanger
Connector Screw
Structural Timber Screw
Hex-Head Washer

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With straight edges and chamfered corners, structural connectors in the Outdoor Accents® – Avant Collection have a clean look that complements nearly every design. And with a black powder coat and an innovative washer-and-fastener combo, you can bring both elegant design and structural strength to your outdoor living areas.

Joist Hanger
The SAE Face Fix Joist Hanger is a heavy-duty hanger suitable for 45mm joist. Big seat for joists provides greater strength support. Installed with Outdoor Accents® black hex head connector screws.

Connector Screw
The Outdoor Accents® connector screw reduces installation time by driving easily without predrilling. Designed for installation with the Outdoor Accents® angles, joist hangers, the screw’s black finish accents any outdoor living project. The sharp point of the screw enables fast starts, and the patented serrated threads reduce torque for improved driveability.

Post Base
Outdoor Accents® post bases secure timber columns or posts to concrete, while providing a 25mm standoff height that helps minimise risk of decay and screws in lateral loading of the timber post. These bases accommodate 90mm timber. Install with Outdoor Accents® structural timber screws and hex-head washers for a decorative look.

Structural Timber Screw
Outdoor Accents® structural timber screw is combined with the hex-head washer, the solution delivers increased strength and the decorative appeal of a bolted connection with the installation ease of a screw. The SDWS Timber Screw with patented SawTooth point allows for faster installation, less torque and requires no pre-drilling. The screw’s bold thread design enables superior holding to attach ledgers and other secure connections. The structural screw and washer are both sold separately from the Outdoor Accents connectors.

Hex-Head Washer
The Outdoor Accents® hex-head washer provides the decorative appearance of a bolted connection. Its patent design makes for an easier and significantly faster installation compared to through‑bolting. This washer and screw combination is designed specifically to fasten Outdoor Accents post bases, flat staps, T and L straps, and angles.

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Deck Joist Tie
The Deck Joist Tie attaches 45mm wide joists to the side of 90mm or larger support posts. It installs quickly and easily with the Outdoor Accents® structural SDWS screw and hex head washer for the look of a bolted connection.

Strap Tie (T Strap & L Strap)
The flat T Strap Tie and L Strap Tie bring decorative flair and lateral strength to your outdoor living space or even an indoor project. They provide reinforcement for connections where one timber piece intersects another at a 90° angle. They’re designed to accommodate multiple timber sizes and to be installed with Outdoor Accents® structural timber screws and hex-head washers.

Strap Tie (Flat Strap)
The APVST Flat Strap works for Timber in both nominal and rough sizes. It can be used to connect two beams together or added to any project as a decorative accent. Installs with the Outdoor Accents structural screw and hex-head washer.

Concealed Joist Hanger
The APLH Concealed Joist Hanger is a face‑mounted concealed flange hanger solid timber sections. Ideal for end of ledger/header or post conditions, it also provides cleaner lines for pergolas.

Outdoor Accents 90 degree Angles tie together beams, rafters and more. These angles make structural connections between beams and posts stronger and provide consistent, straight corners for a variety of outdoor projects. The APVA90 Angle is designed for use with 90mm or larger post; The APVA50 Angle is designed for use with 45mm rafter.

Decorative Washer
The APVDMW56-M decorative washer installs easily with the structural SDWS Timber screw and hex‑head washer combination and can be used in a variety of timber-to-timber connections.


Carbon Steel 2mm-2.7mm thick

  • ZMAX® galvanization with a black powder coat: Connectors
  • Quik Guard® Coating: Hex-Head Washer
  • Double-Barrier black proprietary coating: Fasteners
Features & Benefits
  • Flat T and L strap ties, Bolt-like connectors bring decorative appeal and lateral strength to your outdoor living area or even an indoor project
  • Fastener and washer create decorative bolt-like connections but install with the ease of a screw and without predrilling
  • Post bases secure timber posts to concrete, while providing a 25mm standoff height to help prevent rot from standing water and ground moisture
  • All hardware has been structural strength tested and approved, and can be used to resist wind or seismic loads
  • Black Double-Barrier Coating offers premium look while providing a medium level of corrosion protection for many outdoor applications
  • Patent hex-head washer design facilitates easy installation
  • Big seat for joists provides greater strength support
  • Concealed Joist Hanger with internal flange for concealed fixings, provides cleaner lines for outdoor structures
  • Flat Straps can be used to connect two beams together or added to any project as a decorative accent
  • Use all specified fasteners
  • Pergolas
  • Patios
  • Arbours, Garden Gazebos, Garden Arches, Trellis
  • Outdoor Living, Outdoor Structures, Outdoor Decks
  • IAPMO-UES ER-192
  • IAPMO-UES ER-280
  • ICC-ES ESR-3046
  • FL13975-R5
  • FL10865-R4
  • FL9589-R5
Source credit: Simpson Strong-Tie 

Additional information


Joist Hanger (mm)
90 X 45
140 x 45

Connector Screw Size (mm)
38 x 10G (Black)

Structural Timber Screw and Hex-Head Washer (mm)
90 screw / 38 washer

Post Base (mm)