Paslode: Impulse Bradder Fuel Cell

For use with Li-Ion and Ni-Cad Bradders & Stapers

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  • Paslode Fuel Cell Technology – Improved fuel metering for greater tool performance. Patented fuel cell for longer life.
  • Patented Twist’n’Lock Technology – Two fuel caps included for compatibility with all framing nailers. Simply twist on the required cap.
  • Best Use Before Date Stamped On Base Of Cell – Monitor fuel cell expiration date. 18 month shelf life.
  • Patented In-Can Metering Valve – Lower actuation pressure. Self aligning cap with double crimp eliminates fuel wastage.
  • Contains Lubrication – Assists with tool lubrication, meaning less servicing.
  • Travel Cap – Increased transportation safety.
Product Specs
  • Use only with Paslode  Nailer.
  • Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 49oC.
  • Do not expose to naked flame.
  • Do not pierce the fuel cell.
  • Dispose of fuel cell thoughtfully.
  • Keep fuel cell away from children.
  • Always treat fuel cell as full.
  • Do not attempt to refill.

Read all safety instructions.

Source credit: Paslode

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