Simpson: Multigrip Angled – Galvanised

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The versatile A35 Reinforced Angle Brackets provide a way to make a straight angle of 90° connection. The A35 Angle Bracket’s exclusive bending slot allows instant, accurate field bends for two and three-way ties. Balanced, completely reversible design permits the A35 to secure a great variety of connections.

Features & Benefits
  • Removes the guesswork for making perfectly square connections
  • Reinforces 90-degree connections
  • Stronger than angled nailing or screw fastening
  • Staggered fastener pattern reduces the chances of timber splitting
  • Speed Prong feature helps to temporarily position and secure the connector for easier and faster installation
  • Bending slot allows field bends for two and three-way tie connections
  • Manufactured in heavier gauge steel for a stronger connection

Use all specified fasteners

Source credit: Simpson Strong-Tie 

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