Spax: Stainless Steel T15 – Raised Countersunk Facade Screw

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4 x 45 / 100

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Facade screw, partial thread, raised countersunk head, T-STAR plus T15, CUT point.

  • Stainless steel A2, 1.4567.
  • Wooden facades.
  • Reduces splitting and bulging of the wood.
  • Minimises rust formation on the facade.
Features & Benefits
  • T-Star Plus: Positive and secure fit of the BIT and better driving, e.g. when working overhead.
  • Very small raised countersunk head can be nicely countersunk and ensures a perfect tongue and groove connection.
  • SPAX typical ground serrations: For quick and secure fastening.
  • CUT point: Precision placement allows screwing in without pre-drilling (wood dependent). Effectively reduces splitting of the wood.
Source credit: SPAX Pacific 

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SKU / Size (mm) / Qty

0467000400453 / 4 x 45 / 100

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