Spax: Delta Seal T50 – Washer Head Screw

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HI.FORCE, full thread, washer head, T-STAR plus T50, 4CUT, Delta-Seal

  • Delta-Seal: High corrosion protection from the exclusive DELTA-SEAL coating, providing twice the corrosion protection compared to hot-dipped galvanised products. Ideal for CCA and ACQ treated timbers, all hardwoods and suitable for any external use away from direct exposure to salt water.
  • Timber construction.
  • Considerably reduced screwing-in torque and reduced splitting effect.
  • Length specification and manufacturer logo on the head.
  • Higher head traction forces than countersunk head screws.
  • Full thread with shaft.
Features & Benefits
  • T-Star Plus: Positive and secure fit of the BIT and better driving, e.g. when working overhead.
  • Washer head: Ensures higher pull through forces, allowing for larger screw distances.
  • Ground serrations: For quick and secure fastening.
  • 4CUT point: No pre-drilling (wood dependent), its point effectively reduces the splitting effect. The square end pushes aside the fibre of the wood and reduces the screwing-in torque.
Source credit: SPAX Pacific 

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SKU / Size (mm) / Qty

0251641001000 / 10 x 100 / single

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